A downloadable game for Windows

version 0.2.1 (prototype)
by Matt Glanville (@CrowbarSka)

How to play:

  • Fight through barbarians to get to the exit!
  • Click the commands displayed across the bottom to use them.
  • Don't get backed up against the left side.
  • Don't die.


  • Each available action gets re-shuffled each time you use it.
  • Enemies advance a step every time you pick a command, so try to keep moving forward in ways that minimise taking damage.


  • Confused Rogue is a small game I prototyped over the course of 2 days (then tidied it up a little bit later).
  • It's inspired by the Roguelike genre but simplified to 1D movement and with a deck of available commands that is shuffled after every move.
  • I'd like to revisit the idea at some point and expand it out into something longer, but for now it's just a little prototype.
  • I wrote a little bit about the design here.


This game is currently unavailable