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Would like to see more in this style if you are still creating art.

Will you be making more tilesets? I love this art style :)

Thank you!

I'd like to, for sure. I just haven't found the time to do it yet. 😅

Nice set ! The asymetrics walls are interesting, but placing a door at the bottom need some tweaking.

Hey, thanks! Can you elaborate on what you mean by the door? Do you have an example?

I'mean that you cannot apply simple 'in wall' door like in this picture. we have to find other layout, like in your samples on this page.

Hmm... sorry but I'm still not sure I fully understand your problem. Perhaps it's worth noting that the tileset is intended to look like an old 8-bit game where perspective and scale may be a little distorted in some cases.

Here is how I would do a layout like that. I did add a new tile here: the two vertical wall bricks near the door in the middle.

Would something like this be useful?