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This is a simple prototype to demonstrate an idea and visual style.

All of my prototypes are available to play for $5 supporters on Patreon.

This game is available to supporters on Patreon during development.


This game is currently unavailable


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I'm a big fan of this game. :)

What is the story behind the title EggFPS?

Nice! 😁

It's just a silly working title / project codename really. There's an 'egg' motif running through a lot of my branding and it's based on a childhood nickname, so I tend to name my projects stuff like "Egg FPS" and "Egg Shmup".  😅

Any chance the tileset will be available to buy? Love the style

I didn't have any plans to do that but it's a good idea! Would you be looking for it as a 2D top-down tileset (all packed into one big sprite sheet) or a pack of individual textures for use in 3D games like this?

My forays have been only been in 2D, but at some point I wanted to do a 3D crawler with flat 2D textures

I tried turning these textures into a tileset yesterday. I found a lot of them didn't really have a clean read, so I think they would need more work to be suitable for a 2D tileset.

Textures for a 3D game would be a better fit I think. I'll compile them into a texture pack when I get a bit more free time. 😉

Damn thanks for trying :)
I'm curious how much different is a 2D vs 3D tileset that has a 2D feel like your eggFPS and the bomber game you have?

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The main issue I've found here is that I'd need to add more clear definition on corners.

On a 3D object you get a lot of visual information from perspective and form of the shape. You can clearly see where corners are, and when objects are separate from one another. In 2D you need to add edge lines and differences in colour to get that same level of differentiation.

I'm also finding that there's not such a clear difference between floors and walls as they're sometimes similar values. Here's a good example of what I'm talking about:

The wall in the centre of the image is not clearly distinguished against the floors around it, mainly because they share a lot of the same colours. This isn't a problem in 3D because you can clearly see that the floors are horizontal and the walls are vertical.

That's not to say this is an unsolvable problem, but it would require redesigning the tiles quite a lot and that would take time. 😉

Can you put this up on itch.io to purchase?

Hi! I'm afraid it's a scrappy little prototype at this stage which I would not feel comfortable charging money for directly.

It's bundled as part of my $5 Patreon rewards though, so if you'd like to chip in that way then you can access it along with all my other prototypes. https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=347796

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Would love to see a completed version.

Thanks! I'd really like to make it too. My current goal is finishing Dungeon Deathball but I'd love to revisit this in the future.

source code available?

Unfortunately not, I use third party plugins which I cannot share.