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Grab your crowbar, squeeze into your HEV suit, and return to Black Mesa as Dr Gordon Freeman.

...Only this time you're in a chunky little pixel art side-scroller, with crunchy textures and plenty of screenshake.

Face off against Vortigaunts and the infamous HECU soldiers (a.k.a. "the grunts") as you battle through a simplified re-imagining of one of video gaming's most iconic moments: "We've Got Hostiles".

This is an homage to Half-Life for its 20th anniversary. Half-Life is owned by Valve Software. Audio and textures created by Valve Software.

This game is available to supporters on Patreon during development.

NOTE: unfinished prototype!

This game is still heavily work in progress and just contains a small test area. More to come soon!


This game is currently unavailable


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