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"The last thing I remember was our train being stopped in the woods. OVERWATCH told me I was needed for questioning, so they locked me in one of those cold pods and stuck me on the next train to NOVA PROSPEKT. I can still see my WIFE watching me drift away.

Now, here I am... Only things are not how I expected them to be. How long have I been unconscious? A few days? A WEEK? Something has gone HORRIBLY WRONG..."


UNION is a short single-player map pack for HALF-LIFE 2: EPISODE TWO set in the aftermath of Freeman's blow at Nova Prospekt. ANTLIONS have broken in and run amok, the Combine forces lay decimated, but an unlikely alliance is forged between a lone surviving PRISONER and an escaped VORTIGAUNT. If they are to break free they will have to rely on one another for help.


  • Originally released in 2008.
  • Made with Hammer in 4 months.
  • Around 45 minutes of densely-packed content.
  • Post-mortem of Union's development is available on my blog, listing some of the design decisions, problems I encountered and how they were overcome.


union_by_matt_glanville.rar 17 MB

Install instructions

  1. Open the archive file.
  2. Copy the contents of the 'maps' folder to Half-Life 2: Episode Two directory: ep2/maps/
  3. Start HL2:Ep2.
  4. If you don't have the console enabled, enable that in Options.
  5. Open the console with ` key.
  6. Type "map union01" (without quotations) and hit Enter.

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