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Dungeon Deathball is a compact, turn-based, tactical ball sport with random elements and permadeath.

Guide a team of dungeon captives in a deadly game to win their freedom, and face off against savage monsters who inhabit the dungeon.

It's quick to pick up and play, casual enough for players who aren't hardcore fans of tactical games, but gives a decent challenge so that you're always one step away from becoming floor wax.


In the cruellest corners of the dankest dungeon, the fearsome Mad Lads gather their captives. And in their raucous rampage, they challenge the weak to a bloodsport most brutal...

The game? Deathball.

The reason? Barbaric entertainment.

The prize, should the captives survive? Their freedom!



  • Simple turn-based tactics on a grid.
  • Pick up & play rounds that can be finished in a few minutes.
  • 'Perfect information': opponents reveal what they intend to do on their next turn, so you can intercept, avoid or redirect their attacks.
  • Rogue-like elements: stages and opponents are randomised in every game, and when your players die they're gone forever.
  • Learn the rules: not everything is random. Some things are entirely predictable once you've learned the patterns, allowing you to make well-informed tactical decisions.
  • Recruit unique, random characters and unlock their special skills. Then lead them to their doom.
  • Variety of fearsome enemies posing unique tactical threats.
  • Full controller support.
  • More features to be added!

Can you survive until the grisly end?



Early Access

This game is a work in progress!

I am a solo indie developer looking to incorporate the community in the game development process for Dungeon Deathball. There are many features and improvements still to come. Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and let me know what you'd like to see in the game!

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a game by Matt Glanville

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Buy Now
On Sale!
30% Off
$8.99 $6.29 USD or more

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Dang! Will this ever release on the Switch by chance?

I have no solid plans just yet but there's a good chance it will. I've ported all my other games to Switch. But right now I'm focused on just getting the game finished on PC. Switch will come afterwards if it happens. 😊

Do I see some Into the Breach inspirations?


Absolutely! I love that game and some of its ingenious mechanics have certainly found their way into this game.


Played a bit of this on my channel! I am real bad at it. 

Awesome, thanks for sharing this! Much appreciated! :D

Is there anything you'd like to see added to the game?

Not sure I think you have the mechanic down yet. I like the artwork and music, and the premise - but the fun factor isn't quite there yet, I don't think. I also don't think it feels much like a sport yet. Anyways, I'll be following. Thanks for making this.

Hey thanks for the feedback! I agree on not feeling much like a sport. I intend to add some bells and whistles (not literally (although maybe literally)), but what do you think it's lacking for the fun factor, in your opinion?

Well, first off, simple is good. I like that it doesn't have too many options and the mechanics are simple. BUT I think it could use just one more layer of complexity. Maybe this doesn't have to do with the combat at all; maybe this has to do with the geography of the dungeon playspace? Not sure. Let me think on this.

I have a few ideas for ways to expand in that direction actually! :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Adding +1 action each turn helped *so much*!  Really love where this is going so far. :)

Also, I have a bit of feedback if you don't mind:

- It would be great to have some sort of hp indicator on enemies. Right now, I'm not sure how exactly they work, how many hits they have to take etc.

 - since it's possible to cheese madlads and trick them into attacking each other, it'd be probably good to know their turn order, similar to how ItB does it

- this is subjective, but to me, the stun effect looks like they're about to die. As if, you need to punch them one more time to kill them, which ofc doesn't have to be the case.

Hey, thank you for this, it's super helpful! I'm glad you like the new change as well.

You'll be happy to know that I already have plans to address your first 2 points.

The 3rd one is not something anyone else has mentioned... Do you think this would still be the case if you could see the enemies' HP? My feeling is that if I put in a health bar, you might not think that you just need to hit them 1 more time any more. Not sure until I try it I guess!

Thanks again for the very constructive feedback.

Yeah no problem, glad to help!
Back to the stun thing - yeah, it would probably help if the player could see the HP.  Although, what I meant was really about the specific effect and animation :) Like, if it wasn't smoke, but let's say stars circling around the poor guy's head, it would probably convey the stun state better...? Doesn't have to be stars of course, but that immediately came to mind since  it's a common way to deliver that kind of information in games/cartoons/comics. It's really more of a visual language thing, you know? 

Ohhh, gotcha! Yeah, good shout. I really just cut a corner and reused an existing effect so that serves me right for being lazy XD





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Loving the direction the game has right now! Feels fun and simple with plenty of layers for complexity. Looking forward to more difficulty and challenges!

Thank you!! Difficulty and challenge is definitely something it needs more of. Watch this space :D


By the way, your Switch 'N' Shoot game is AMAZING! Got it in April and have been hooked on it!

Ah thank you, that means a lot to me! I'm especially proud of that game. I'm really happy that you enjoyed it and that people are still playing it. I have an update coming in the near future which overhauls the codebase and makes it run a lot smoother.



The game's design is definitely solid. I appreciate the constant interplay between high-risk / low reward and low-risk / high reward.

Wait are we talking about Switch 'N' Shoot or Dungeon Deathball? XD


Oh yus!!