Update 0.14 - Improved Tactical Previews

Planning your tactics has never been easier!

If you've ever played Dungeon Deathball and found yourself holding a bajillion numbers in your head, trying to remember what kind of effects your attacks will do, glancing at the text-heavy info popups... wondering what kind of moron designed this game... then this update is for you!

I have greatly expanded the amount of 'preview' information that is displayed when you are planning your attacks. Now you can see how much damage you'll do to enemies and how far you'll knock them back.

Shooting the Ball seemed to be a particularly confusing action for a lot of players, since you can't aim it anywhere except down-field. Now you can see exactly where it will end up, and how it will affect any monsters it might hit.

You can see what damage and knockback enemies do to each other too. Some enemies (like the charging Redhorns) have a high "Knockback" effect, so it can be useful to know where they'll send their targets flying to next.

Even the Hatchers got their own new markers to show that they do something a little different to the other enemies!

๐Ÿ†• Changes

Here's the full list of changes in this update.

  • Added 'attack previews' which show the damage attacks will deal.
  • Added 'knockback previews' which show the distance characters will be pushed when attacked.
  • Added 'shot previews' which show the line of fire and resulting effects of shooting the ball.
  • Added 'spawn previews' which show where Hatchers will spawn their Ticks. These now have their own unique graphics, instead of using the standard 'move' graphics.
  • All enemies' intention markers now appear with a slight delay based on their act order.
  • 'Current player' marker now animates with a more gentle pulse, rather than blinking on/off. This is to make it less eye-catching so it clashes less with the Stamina and AP gauges.
  • The 'Rest' action icon is now a heart with a plus symbol, instead of a 'pause' icon.
  • The 'Shoot' action icon now has some additional details.
  • The field's standard floor tiles now have a bit of detail and randomisation.

๐Ÿ› Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash if you began a stage with only 1 player alive.
  • Fixed the options menu's background stripes being misaligned.

I hope you enjoy this update! Let me know what you think. ๐Ÿ™‚



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11 days ago

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