The Speedy Update (v0.30)


  1. Enemy AI is a bit smarter.
  2. Intention markers give more information about the attack type.
  3. 'Fast Mode' is even faster, and you also have additional options for speeding up the game.
  4. Overhauled the 'Options' menu.
  5. Overhauled the 'Stage Start' screen.

You can now tune the game to be pretty fast, for when you really need to squeeze a run into your lunch break.

Full Changelist

๐Ÿ†• Added

  • Windowed mode option.
  • Option to disable dynamic cameras.
  • Option to automatically skip long menu animations and cinematics.
  • "Restore Defaults" button in options menu.

๐Ÿ” Changed

  • Wandering (green) enemies will move towards players if they can reach an adjacent tile.
  • Enemies will move towards the Ball if it's on an adjacent tile.
  • Enemies standing on Hazard tiles will prioritise moving off them.
  • Ball Modifiers now change automatically with each stage, but the multiplier only changes if you use a modifier.
  • All goalies in Trial 4 are replaced with the Slam Lad variant.
  • Options menu revamped to fit more items in.
  • Stage Start menu revamped to move ball buttons and info closer together.
  • Stage Start screen now displays how many of each ball modififer you've used.
  • Ball Modifier selection buttons now display their difficulty effect (Easy/Normal/Hard).
  • Fast Mode now skips blocked spawns.
  • Fast Mode now speeds up many more minor delays.
  • Hazard tile popups now display their Stun stat.
  • Attack cameras now track whatever was hit, to prevent cases where it would be pushed off-screen.
  • Intention arrows differentiate between normal attacks and 'charge' attacks.
  • Intention arrows differentiate between normal attacks and 'wind' attacks.
  • Hatcheries' spawn intention marker changes colour if the spawn will be blocked.
  • Blocked spawns now display a text popup.
  • Missed enemy attacks now display a text popup.
  • Clarified help text for enemies who attack a row of tiles.
  • When Resting, the amount of stamina recovered appears in the text popup.
  • Team Info screen displays each player's perk level as an icon.
  • Team Info screen displays each player's class with colour-coded text.
  • Team Info screen now displays Ball Modifier's difficulty effect.

๐Ÿ› Fixed

  • 'Dino-floor' achievement is no longer unlocked by Lightning Hazards.
  • "Stunned" popups no longer display "-1" if the duration is infinite.
  • Options menu items are now always in the same order, regardless of whether you access the menu from the title screen or the pause menu.
  • Piercing attacks now push all targets simultaneously, instead of waiting for each one's hit animation to finish.
  • Team Info screen now displays correct Score Multiplier for Ball Modifier.



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May 13, 2021

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