v0.3 - Gauging Reactions

Q. What!! 2 updates in 1 week?!!

A. Looks like it, yep.

I've been listening carefully to all the feedback you've kindly sent my way since I released the demo last week. One of the biggest issues I've heard from a lot of players is that it's just very hard to understand what any of the buttons do and how the turn-based system works. In particular, how Stamina works and how it differs from Action Points.

So yesterday I decided to take steps to rectify that problem, and here are the fruits of my labour:

Q. Is it finished?

A. UI design is never finished :(

The main change I've made is that when you hover your mouse over an action button, your Stamina gauge now partially changes colour to show how much stamina you would use on that action.

I've also swapped out a few icons for text. OK OK, this is kind of admitting that my icons weren't good enough. I might change them back, I might not, but at this stage I just want people to understand the game and start giving feedback on the core gameplay, not fumble around with the UI.

Anyway, here's the full run-down of changes in this update. It's live now, so grab it using the link below!

  • Stamina gauge now shows information when you hover the mouse over the action buttons.
    • Orange shows how much stamina you will spend on an action.
    • Red shows if you don't have enough stamina to perform an action.
    • Green shows how much stamina you will replenish from Resting.
  • Stamina cost on the action button has a + or - symbol and flashes a colour when you mouse over.
  • Changed some button icons for text to make it more clear.
  • Changed the Action Points icons and added "AP" text to make it more clear.
  • Enemies briefly flash red when they're hit.
  • Your players can STUN enemies by hitting them again (you'll see why in a future update).
  • Fixed a bug where holding the ball didn't actually cost +1 stamina per action.


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May 11, 2018

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