Quick update

Hey everyone!

This is just a quick post to update anyone following the project on its current status. I had to step away from it for a couple of weeks while I worked on Switch 'N' Shoot, which I took to Norwich Gaming Festival. Before I did that, I wrapped it up into a good working state, and I've been thinking about what to do next.

The game was only meant to be a very short project (like, 1 week kind of short) but it rapidly spiraled into 2 months and counting. It was my goal to make lots of small games in my first few months as a solo developer, and I seemed to have failed at that!

Having said that, I think there's something really cool and unique about Dungeon Deathball and I want to take it a step further.

I feel that the current scope of the game is too short to be a satisfying experience for the amount I want to charge (about $5), and too long for the small amount of content I currently have implemented.

So my intention is to add a 'League Progression' system. Once you complete about 4 stages, you'll move on to the next league. When this happens you'll get a change of surroundings, a new enemy type to face, and a new hazard littering the playing field. Once you complete about 3-4 leagues, you win the game.

The idea is that I can easily add more content to this system and get more randomised variation, but I'll still have a complete game I can ship at any time.

So my plan over the coming weeks...

  • I still have a few more bugs to squash in Switch 'N' Shoot before I release a major update.
  • Then I have some commission work which should take a couple of weeks.
  • After that, I'll get back on to Dungeon Deathball and launch Early Access on Steam. Please add it to your Wishlist in the mean time!

Meanwhile, I hope you'll hang tight and follow the game's development. I appreciate all the support I've had so far.

Don't forget you can join the Discord and discuss Dungeon Deathball and all my other games.

Bye for now!


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