Update 0.8.2 - Bug fixes and interface improvements

Hey everyone! Just a little updates with some quality-of-life improvements for the UI, particularly with new players in mind. Hope you like the new version! I plan to move on to a new enemy type for version 0.9.

Full Changelist

  • Added a "not enough stamina" warning when you hover the mouse over actions.
  • Moved the Rest action back into the UI to make it clearer and avoid mis-clicks.
  • Repositioned Pass and Shoot buttons in the UI and added icons.
  • Added a screen transition when loading new scenes.
  • New UI audio: selecting gameplay actions and switching to the other player now have unique sounds.
  • Reduced the Turn Pars for the Gore Trials stages.
  • Bug fix: enemy's next action indicator now updates immediately when you hit or kill them.
  • Bug fix: player control is no longer resumed too quickly after you hit an enemy without stunning them.

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- Matt


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Jul 24, 2018

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