Update 0.9 - the Itch Trials

Woah, 2 updates in 1 week!

The Itch Trials

This update introduces the Itch Trials, increasing the length of the game by 50% and adding not one but two new monsters: Ticks and Hatchers (names TBC).

  • Hatchers can't move, but every turn they will spawn a new Tick.
  • Ticks are aggressive ball-chasers and will quickly flood the playing field, but they can be killed easily.

This duo adds a new pressure which forces you to use aggressive tactics, otherwise you'll be knee-deep in creepy bugs.

The trials you must face are randomised, so you may go through the Gore Trials first. As I add more monster types in the coming weeks you'll get a growing number of possible combinations.

Health Bar upgrades

Another (smaller) new improvement is that health bars now show the actual number of HP a character has when you hover the mouse over them. There's also a little damage popup which shows how much damage a character took. More little improvements coming in the future too.

Full Changelist

  • Added the Itch Trials, featuring 2 new monsters: an itchy bitey boy and a thing that spawns itchy bitey boys.
  • Health bars now show a numerical value.
  • Damage values pop up when characters receive damage.

Please note that the difficulty settings undergo continuous tuning. If you find the game too hard or too easy, please share your thoughts on the discussion boards or Discord.


- Matt


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Jul 27, 2018

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