Update 0.11.3 - Bug fixes

As I mentioned in the last update, I've had other work commitments so I haven't been able to make any large updates to the game. But I have fixed a bunch of bugs!

  • Made it impossible to open the Pause menu during the enemy's turn, thereby preventing the UI from reappearing.
  • Help popups no longer fail to appear if you move the cursor between 2 adjacent tiles.
  • Stamina perk now displays the correct value when it's at level 2 or higher.
  • "Rest" button no longer also says "End Turn" if your current player has the Power Nap perk.
  • Chargers no longer kill themselves if they are pushed to the edge of the grid and are planning to charge off it.
  • Health bar popups now correctly placed above a Charger after they hit something.




DungeonDeathball_Win_0-11.zip 46 MB
Sep 15, 2018

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