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The eclipse has woken the horde.

You were a member of the Lunar Excavation work force... until the earth's shadow cast darkness over the moon and all hell broke loose. Countless tentacled freaks, awoken by the celestial event, emerged from the ground and lay siege to the dig site.

Now stranded in the labyrinthine corridors of the site complex, you must blast your way to the surface and rescue your coworkers along the way.

How to Play

  • Find the teleporter to progress to the next level.
  • Rescue stranded workers to unlock the teleporter.
  • Avoid the other-worldly creatures.


  • WASD to move
  • Left Click to shoot
  • Right Click to change weapon
  • F5 to Restart


  • Procedurally-generated levels
  • 3 levels
  • 3 weapons
  • A lot of tentacled freaks
  • Controller support


  • This short game was created over about 10 days for PROCJAM and 7DFPS game jams.
  • My main goal for the jams was to make a procedural level generation system, then construct a 3D mesh from scratch at runtime. The latter was something I'd never done before. I accomplished both these goals! 🙂
  • Disclaimers: I didn't create the game in its entirety during the game jam period. Some of the core FPS mechanics had already been created for an FPS prototype I made earlier in the year. I also used my libraries of frequently-used scripts and tools to speed things up. I also started work a few days before the jam started, because I knew I wouldn't be able to work on it every day. I figured this was all OK because both PROCJAM and 7DFPS were pretty loose with their rules.
  • For the jam, I set myself the constraint of using little to no pathfinding and navigation systems for my enemy AI. I wanted to avoid over-complicating the AI, and wanted to see if I could come up with some enemy designs that created fun challenges using only very basic movement behaviours. I'm happy with how they turned out! I did want to add more enemy types but unfortunately I ran out of time.
  • During the jam I created: all the enemies, the worker rescue system, level progression system, ammo system, some of the environment graphics, the UI and menu, and of course overall procedural generation system and 3D mesh generation system.


EldritchEclipse_v0-1-3_Windows64_Standalone.zip 35 MB


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Excellent title. It's a lot of fun, especially considering the short time of making this! Props to the sound-design too - the game feels like something really bad is in the process of happening right from the start.

This game is so cool! The tentacle aliens are hard to defeat but I think it add some difficulty to the game which is pretty good!

Thank you 😁


I added Eldritch Eclipse to my site and recorded a video. It was worthwhile.

Amazing! Thanks for sharing. 😊

sure thing man good luck with your games!


love the art, animation, sound and gameplay though I would like to adjust my mouse sensitivity, the only thing missing is a sick background music, along side with more content like a new tentacle that deals no damage but holds you in place or one that toss stuff at you, also the esc does not for me though so I have to use the window key to exit, nice game


Nice! Those pesky aliens sure take a punch, that is until you get the shotgun. There are quite a few corridors that lead nowhere but other then that it is pretty solid. The pistol doesn't seem to have a retrigger delay, not sure if that was intended.


Thank you for the feedback! My intention for the pistol was to have it slower to fire if you hold the button, but it will fire as quickly as you can press the button. That was how it worked in Left 4 Dead and I wanted to recapture that same mechanic.

Yeah you're right about the corridors too. I would've liked to have more control over item spawning so I could make sure it would place rewards there, but I didn't find time to go that deep with it.