Update 0.12 - Save Support

Hello Deathballers, it's been a while!

I'm here with a new update. Version 0.12 is now available and brings a brand new feature..

Save Support

Is your game session taking a while to complete? Do you need to go and do something important like walk the dog, vote, or put out a kitchen fire?

Well now you can "Save & Quit", safe in the knowledge that your team of Deathball slaves will be waiting when you return.

The new save system works like this:

  • You now have the option to "Save & Quit" after you complete each stage.
  • Saved games can only be loaded once, so you cannot use this feature as a 'bookmark' and reload to an earlier safe point if things go badly (this is to ensure fairness on the Steam leaderboards).
  • When you resume a game, you'll need to complete the next stage for another opportunity to save and quit.

I hope you understand my reasons for designing it this way. I know it's not conventional but it made the most sense to me. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this system either way!

Other changes in this update:

  • The 'Rest' button help popup text now changes if your current player has the Power Nap perk.
  • Reworded the Power Nap perk description to make it more clear what the effects are.
  • Stage results screen now displays par results as "# over/below par" and is colour-coded.

Thank you for your patience with Dungeon Deathball! Development has not been as fast as I originally hoped, but now that Ghost Grab 3000 is out of the way I can hopefully speed things up a bit.




DungeonDeathball_0-12-0_Windows64_PCStandalone.zip 53 MB
Jan 06, 2020

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