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Ghost Grab 3000 is a simple, satisfying, endless 'score-chaser'. The goal is simply to get as many points as you can before you meet your inevitable doom. 

Sessions typically last a few minutes so it's the perfect game for a quick lunch break, to kill some time, or compete with a group of friends to get the highest score.


The gameplay revolves around the unique 'Grapple Beam' mechanic. Chain together ghosts before destroying them for points, all the while dodging and weaving through a chaotic 'bullet hell' arena.

  • Grab ghosts with your Grapple Beam. Once caught, you can destroy a ghost to score points.
  • Build up longer chains of ghosts with your beam, then destroy them all together for big score multipliers.
  • Dodge and weave through a chaotic, ghostly bullet hell.
  • Defeat as many ghosts as you can before you become a robot wreck.
  • Climb the leaderboard and put your friends to shame.

Current version: 0.7
18th March 2019

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