v0.6 - Switching 'n' Shooting

Just a quick update today to push the latest changes I've made.

I'm going to be mostly out of action next week while I visit family, and then I'm attending Norwich Gaming Festival with my other game Switch 'N' Shoot, so I wanted to get this stuff out and into your hands.

The most significant new feature is the ability to click on the player to switch control to them (as long as they have Action Points remaining).

Technically, this feature has existed for quite some time but you had to press "C" on the keyboard and I never made it very obvious. I'm excited to see what tactics you come up with using this!

You'll also notice that the current turn count and par are visible in the bottom-left corner at all times during your turn.

Finally, there's this sweet new Very Exciting Action Camera™ that kicks in when characters attack each other.

Everything you see in this update is a first pass, so I'd love to hear your thoughts if you find anything a bit or unintuitive.

Finally, Dungeon Deathball now has a Steam page!! Please go and add it to your Wishlist!

As always, leave a comment below, shout in my face on Twitter, or join the Discord. Have a great weekend!

Change log:

  • You can switch control between players by clicking on them.
    • Inadvertently fixed a bug where you could switch player control while the ball was being passed and cause problems.
  • The current turn number and turn par are visible at all times during your turn (instead of just once at the start).
  • Added a Very Exciting Action Camera™.


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May 26, 2018

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