First week over - What comes next?

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for checking out Dungeon Deathball, especially if you purchased it and left a review. As a solo indie developer, your support means everything and allows me to keep doing what I love, which is making games like this!

The response I've had from the first week has been very positive, which is great! Dungeon Deathball even out-performed my previous game in it's first week of Early Access.

The past week has been a busy one for me, as I took some time off with my wife to celebrate my birthday and travelled several hundred miles to attend Develop in Brighton.

But I'm BACK now, and I've already started working on the next update for Dungeon Deathball.


The biggest new feature is going to be the Perk system. Perks are special bonuses that your players can have that differentiate them. They'll give you more tactical decisions to make, and also make you think carefully about who you recruit when you're down a player.

Project Roadmap

Beyond that, I've also decided to make my roadmap (a.k.a. my 'To Do' list) public.

This means you can see what I'm currently working on, what I intend to work on in the future, and how I'm prioritising everything.

You can view it on Trello here:

I'd love to know what features you're excited about, and use that knowledge to decide what to work on next. If you have a (free) Trello account you can 'Vote' on the features you like the sound of.

Till next time!

That's all for now, but you can expect an update to Dungeon Deathball in the very near future.

Thanks again for being awesome, and please remember to rate the game!


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