Update v1.1 - ultra widescreen changes and cursor lock options

The first update to Ghost Grab 3000 is here!

This is a free update for anyone who has purchased the game. Please download the new version for the best experience.

One of the changes in this update was in part requested by No Hands! Lets Play, who is playing the game using only his chin. In earlier versions, the mouse cursor was always locked during gameplay. You now have the option to unlock it so you can use third party software to control the game using the mouse.


  • When playing on ultra widescreen displays the game's aspect ratio is now clamped to a 16:9. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, it addresses a number of problems where menus and interfaces would not display correctly. Secondly, all players now have the same (or similar) size gameplay space. This puts all players on an even playing field, ensures consistency of difficulty and makes leaderboards more fair.
  • Black borders may be displayed at the edge of the gameplay areas if your display is not 16:9.
  • Added a 'Cursor Lock' setting in the Options menu. By default, the cursor is hidden and displayed at different times depending on the game state. You can now force it to always be hidden, or always be visible and unlocked.
  • Saving data is now split into smaller chunks so it's quicker when exiting certain menus.
  • An icon is displayed over the Robot Shop button if there are mods available to buy (this was included in v1.0 but was not in the previous patch notes).
  • The 'Review Game' button no longer appears once you have clicked it.

Bug fixes:

  • Ghosts are now correctly knocked away if you Boost or EMP them while they're close to the edges of the screen.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback so far! I'm working on some more changes and updates so please follow me to stay up to date.



GhostGrab3000_1-1_Windows64_PCStandalone.zip 59 MB
Nov 17, 2019
GhostGrab3000_1-1_OSX_PCStandalone.zip 59 MB
Nov 17, 2019
GhostGrab3000_1-1_Linux64_PCStandalone.zip 60 MB
Nov 17, 2019

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