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About this update

This update addresses some large exploits which allowed players to get absurdly high scores by playing in a way that was not very fun or challenging. It also adds many 'quality of life' improvements and adds more character to your robot, GG. The result is a much more fair and stable game which is a smoother experience for new players and veterans alike.

As a result, any future updates can now focus on adding new content. I have a few new modes and unlocks I'd love to try out. No promises yet, but that's what I'm thinking right now.

Several of these new changes in v1.3 (along with the changes in the previous update) were made in direct response to player feedback. I'm very grateful whenever anyone shares their feedback as it helps me to improve the game and understand how you're playing it.

Anyway, here's what's new...

Gameplay changes

  • EMPs now use an 'inventory' system instead of battery energy. This was changed to address an exploit where you could essentially use EMP endlessly on higher waves because you regenerated energy so quickly. You now need EMPs in your inventory to use this ability. Destroyed ghosts now sometimes drop EMP tokens; collect them to stock up on EMP uses, up to a maximum of 9 at a time.
  • The number of ghosts required to clear a wave now matches the number that spawn, so you should never finish a wave with stray ghosts left over.
  • If your battery is low when you chain enough ghosts to clear a wave you'll get a little energy boost for free. This prevents tedious waiting with nothing to do at the end of a wave while your battery recharges.
  • Battery auto-regeneration doesn't kick in until 1 second after spending some energy.
  • Power-ups last for a few seconds longer before expiring.

Visual/Feedback changes

  • Added lots of new animations to GG which give helpful feedback about the current state of the game.
  • Added a pop-up to show how many points you earned from each chain (underneath score counter).
  • Battery gauge now shows segments when you deplete/replenish energy to show how much you lost/gained.
  • Nuke counter HUD now uses a numerical display like the new EMP display.
  • The 'hit pause' effect is now restricted to 3 per EMP and 5 per Boost to prevent too much pausing during busy moments.
  • Added effect over player when you first start the game.
  • Improved readability of Nintendo Switch controller icons.
  • Added secondary set of Nintendo Switch controller icons (A/B/X/Y icons).
  • Swapped A and B buttons in menus on Nintendo Switch controllers.
  • Power-ups cannot be collected for a second when they first appear, to give you a chance to see what spawned before collecting one accidentally.
  • 'Energy gain' visual effects have been reversed so they look more like absorption when you catch bullets with your beam.
  • Reduced screenshake intensity when you take damage.

Other changes

  • Greatly improved load times when switching between background scenes.
  • Improved save speed in several cases.
  • Data is now always saved as and when the application quits.
  • Added option to view leaderboards from the "Get Ready" screen in main menu.
  • Leaderboards now show an icon next to your own score and your friends' scores.
  • GameJolt leaderboards can be browsed page by page (up to top 100 scores).
  • Updated Patreon list in the credits (thanks to these awesome people!)
  • Stage 2's music now loops cleanly (thanks to Luke Warner for the fix!)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed visual glitch when HUD elements changed colour while faded.
  • Enemy knockback no longer continues while game is paused.
  • Fixed enemy knockback not working the first time it's started.
  • Prevented bullets being able to hurt you after they've left the level area.
  • 3D background scene is now affected by camera shake.
  • Fixed ghosts' stun particle effects remaining active when they respawn.
  • Potential fix for Boost not working after switching to a different application and back.
  • Fixed ghost spawn effect being partially clipped behind other objects.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on Ghost Grab 3000 since release. It's been so helpful in refining the game into its new and improved form. Please share your thoughts in a review or leave a comment if you have any feedback or if you find any bugs.

For more updates please remember to...

Thanks! Enjoy the new update!


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