Ghost Grab 3000 v0.23 - French language support, power-up tweaks, and a heckload of polish

Version 0.23 is here!

A quick update: I've decided to move the release date to 8th November. You can read more about that decision here.


  • Added French language support.
  • Power-up icons between waves now display your current level, so you can see how close you are to reaching maximum capacity.
  • Standardised power-up values so they all hit maximum capacity after collecting 5.
  • Added application icon instead of using default Unity one.
  • Added in-game mouse cursor.
  • Added GameJolt icon for the sign-in/out button.
  • Save data is now saved whenever you leave the Options menu or Robot Shop. Previously you could make some changes and quit the application, and your changes would be reset when you restarted.
  • Your chosen difficulty level is now saved between sessions.
  • Speed stats in Core mods are increased to 1.5x and 2x (previously 1.25x and 1.5x).
  • Attempting to purchase a Robot Mod when you don't have enough money now plays audio and visual feedback.
  • Added juice when you purchase or equip a Robot Mod.
  • Your current money counter now counts up and down to the new value instead of instantly changing.
  • Money counter pops in after a short delay when you hit game over.

Bug fixes:

  • When the volume sliders are turned right down you can now see which one is highlighted (it changes colour).
  • Fixed many cases where text formatting was incorrect or messy in certain languages.
  • Fixed bug where cumulative achievements on Steam would get reset every time the game was launched.

Ghost Grab 3000 is releasing on Halloween (October 31st), but you can get early access right now if you are a $5 Patron.

Remember to add it to your Steam wishlist!

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