Ghost Grab 3000 v0.24


Check out the new key art above by my friend Tomas Cummings aka Tommings!!

This is most likely the last update before release, so please let me know if you find any nasty bugs.


  • Added animated splash screen when the game starts with new key art by Tommings.
  • Added GameJolt login prompt on splash screen (in later updates you will be able to prevent this appearing).
  • Revamped the 'game over' sequence with new visuals, animations and audio. You also get more information about your high score, including feedback when you get a new personal best.
  • Your personal high score is now displayed on the 'Get Ready' screen.
  • The rising 'ping' sound when you grab ghosts now reflects your progression through the current wave, instead of the length of your chain.
  • The sound effect played while you're boosting changes pitch based on how much energy you have left, so you can get a sense of when you're about to run out of energy.
  • Collecting Nuke pickups now instantly rewards you with 1 Nuke, instead of having to collect 3 Nuke Codes.
  • Added more HUD feedback to Nukes: it flashes when you acquire a Nuke, when you trigger a Nuke, and plays 'error' feedback if you try to use one but don't have any.
  • Large numbers are displayed with comma separators.
  • Added small visual effect when you collect a coin.
  • Ghosts explosion sounds are now picked randomly from a larger list instead of being hard-coded for each ghost type.
  • Battery pickup sprite has been redrawn.
  • Lowered saturation and brightness of some background skybox colours.
  • Game logo image is now localised into Russian, Japanese and Chinese.

Bug fixes:

  • GameJolt trophy pop-ups no longer appear repeatedly.

Ghost Grab 3000 is releasing on 8th November, but you can get early access right now if you are a $5 Patron. Once the game is released this will increase to the $12 tier.

Remember to add it to your Steam wishlist!

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