New Beta (version 1.3.5)

Hey switchers 'n' shooters!

I've just updated the game to a much more recent (and stable) version of Unity, which I'm hoping addresses some common problems among Linux users.

For Linux users

If you've been playing on Linux and experiencing a white screen with no game visible, please try downloading the new patch (version 1.3.5) and let me know in the comments whether or not this patch fixes it.

The game download is also now available as a .tar.gz format which I've been told will preserve file permissions on Linux.

Is that format better than .zip for you? Do you prefer one over the other? Do you prefer to have both so you have an option? I'm open to feedback!

D-pad support for Xbox One controllers

Finally, this patch also includes D-pad support for Xbox One controllers, in addition to the existing analogue stick support.

Please let me know if you have any issues with the new version.

I've kept the previous version up on itch as well for the time being, in case the new one introduces new issues.



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Aug 13, 2021 45 MB
Aug 13, 2021 57 MB
Aug 13, 2021
SwitchNShoot_1-3-5_LinuxUniversal_Standalone.tar.gz 57 MB
Aug 13, 2021

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Thanks for the update! I am a Linux user.

Previous versions required a trick to get the game to start properly, which I have confirmed is fixed in this patch.

The D-pad can be used, but there seems to be a bug; the right side of the D-pad is recognized as down, the left side as up, and the up and down keys do not work.  This bug may not occur in Windows. I have encountered this bug in other Unity-made games, so it might be a Unity bug. I don't know if this is something that can be fixed on the game side, but there are games out there where the D-pad works fine with Unity + Linux + Xbox controller.

I'm happy to hear that the display bug was fixed for you, that's great news!

But the D-pad issue is frustrating. 😩 I think this is because the buttons can be mapped to different axes, depending on which controller and operating system you use. So I guess this Xbox One controller fix worked for Windows but not for Linux

I got this working in my later games by using a plugin called Rewired, which handles all of this annoying stuff, but Switch 'N' Shoot doesn't use that plugin and it's quite a big job to implement it now. 😭

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Update: I just uploaded another beta for Linux only. It overrides the previous download, but you will need to download it again.

If all is well, this should fix the incorrect D-pad mapping on Linux for Xbox controllers.

Unfortunately I don't have any working Xbox controllers to test it on here, so please let me know how it goes!

Edit: I dug out an old Xbox 360 controller which I thought was broken but has magically started working for me. I think it should use the same mappings. Everything is working fine EXCEPT that up/down on both the analogue stick and the D-pad are inverted. Horizontal is fine. 🥴

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