Version 1.3.5

Improved Xbox controller support & Linux fixes

Hello Switch pilots!

A patch has just been released for Switch 'N' Shoot (version 1.3.5).

As mentioned in the earlier beta notes, this update brings the following changes...

What's new

Fix for blank screen on Linux

A number of Linux users reported a blank screen when starting the game, with audio playing in the background. The game has been rebuilt with a much more recent and stable version of Unity, which brings a bunch of its own fixes over.

I gathered feedback from the beta version of this patch. Several players told me that it fixed the issue for them, whilst others told me it did not.

If you continue to experience this problem after the update, please try the fix in this discussion thread.

D-pad support for Xbox controllers

This patch adds D-pad support for Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers, in addition to the existing analogue stick support.

Since the beta patch, this has also been improved to work correctly on Linux too.

Please let me know if you have any issues with the new version.



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Aug 19, 2021
SwitchNShoot_1-3-5_LinuxUniversal_Standalone.tar.gz 57 MB
Aug 19, 2021

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